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Project: Henderson
Location: Colorado, USA
Commissioned: 1999

The Henderson Mine is located approximately 50 miles west of Denver, Colorado, USA. A material handling project was completed in the fall of 1999 to replace the rail system, which transported molybdenum ore 24km from the mine to the mill using a three flight conveyor system. The first conveyor (PC1) is a 1km high lift conveyor, which transports the ore from an underground crushing station to the end of the existing tail tunnel.The second conveyor (PC2) is 17km in length and utilises the existing rail tunnel to transport the ore from the mine, which is the East Side of the continental divide, to the mill located on the West Side.The third conveyor (PC3) is 6.3km long, takes ore from the tunnel portal to the mill through a series of 9 horizontal and 9 vertical curves and inclines up to 15 degrees.The project applied advance conveyor design to tackle the installation of the system in an operating mine and achieved the highest possible level of reliability.Significant savings were obtained due to the reduced idler roll running friction:

  1. Belts with a thickness 1 class below the original specification could be selected – the achieved saving was greater than the cost of the conveyor idler and structure.
  2. Reduced capital costs for the drives and pulleys.
  3. Power savings greater than $ 400,000 per annum at 1999 prices
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